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Nashi Argan is the 100% made in Italy cosmetic brand that listens to your requests and meets your needs with passion and efficiency!

The result is an exclusive collection of Haircare and Skincare products designed to offer a tailor-made experience for women that put simplicity, care and professional results first.

Love of Nature

Love of Nature

Nashi Argan works with the utmost respect towards nature to ensure the minimum environmental impact: the zero-impact packaging is designed thanks recyclable materials and to the whole production process that only uses energy from renewable sources.

All Argan Oil and Linseed Oil in our products are 100% certified organic.


If you join the Nashi Argan world, you can choose to become member of a great community – a group of amazing women just like you, joined by passion for quality, beauty and sharing time together. Here you can express yourself, receive customised advices, share your experience and become part of the creative process preceding the development of new products.


Since 2015, Landoll has joined the programme of company membership called Corporate Golden Donor of the FAI – Italian Environmental Fund – a choice prompted by the will to make a contribution to the rebirth, development and promotion of Italy and its resources. In cooperation with FAI, Nashi Argan brand wishes to become active part of a great project of protection, which also represents an ambitious cultural challenge: make Italy the most beautiful place to live, work and bring our children up.

Every day, FAI undertakes to protect and make accessible to everyone the wonderful pearls of the Italian art, nature and culture scattered throughout countryside, cities and coasts of Italy; it also undertakes to educate and raise the awareness of the public on the knowledge, respect and care for the art and nature, and to convey the calls of the civil society bodies by watching over and taking active actions in the territory. The landscape and cultural heritage that the FAI protects and promotes, represents a matchless capital in the world, and the pivotal resource which we should draw on in order to develop and enhance wonderful Italy.